Upcycling is the turning of discarded objects or trashes into something of higher usage or value than the original item.

Thankfully, it is a popular trend nowadays. People are becoming more aware of the ill causes of waste materials in the environment such as pollution, contamination of the bodies of water even cause malnutrition and sickness.

In the video below, you’ll learn brilliant ideas on how to repurpose old items into something new and useful for your garden.

Here are additional tips to turn your home into a trash-free abode.

  • Hang your towels on old wooden stairs. It will definitely add a rustic feel to your comfort room.
  • Paint pallets with bold colours and lay flat on the floor turning it to a table and surrounding with throw pillows. This is a sure hit for kids where they can do some drawings and artworks.
  • Turn liquor bottles into liquid soap dispensers. Your guests will surely admire your creativity.
  • Sew worn out jeans to shoulder bags or pouches. These are perfect personalized gifts.
  • Convert grocery item tin cans to painted plant containers. You can even decorate them with pebbles and strings for added texture.

There are tons of repurposing ideas out there waiting for you to try on your own. Not only will it make your home free from discarded items, but a unique and environmental-friendly haven as well.

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