It’s great to work online – no transportation costs, no traffic, and no hassle! Even if you only have the basic resources like a stable internet connection, a good working laptop or desktop, and a skill set that people will need, you can find a job in a week or so. You can even start your own business with just these three things.


Not That Easy


A business? Really? Yes, a business. You can start selling products online even without a lot of resources. You can even start earning without owning a physical or digital product. Impossible, right? In the real world, maybe, but not in the digital world.

In the digital world, you can earn cash by helping an owner drive traffic to his product. We call this method affiliate marketing. It is where you can sell other people’s goods in exchange for a commision. You only need to drive visits, shares or sales to that product then, “cha-ching!” comes the sound of money going in.

You don’t need a principal amount of money to create a product. You only need to be creative in promoting things. Simply said, ensure its sold because of you. Easy and convenient. People even say that this is a good way to start making money online. But is it?


Good, Better, Best


Yes, affiliate marketing is a good way to start making money online, but it is not the best way. As virtual marketers, we must remember that the money is in the list. If we are looking for a way to have a secure income, we must have a firm knowledge of who our potential customers will be. One way of knowing exactly who these people are is through that list.

However, as affiliates, we do not get the list whenever we generate a sale. Who receives the list then? The product owner does, of course. So what do we do? We should start building our list. Sounds easy, right? Well, not exactly.


Not What You Think It Is  


Creating a product isn’t a piece of cake, especially for starters. No matter how driven you are, if you don’t have enough experience, you will find yourself lost in translation. What you need is someone who has the proven success in product creation.


This person will be your guide during your initial stage of becoming an online entrepreneur, so he should be an expert in launching sales funnels. He should be a top affiliate willing to share his knowledge and expertise, too. If he’s living the dream, that’s a great plus!


Is There a Perfect Candidate?


Luckily, out of millions of people in the world, there’s one. He’s not only an expert in product creation and sales funnels, but he’s also living the dream because of it. He became a top affiliate and sold millions of dollars worth of products. He has all the qualities you need for a guide and more!


He is John Thornhill.


If you want to know how he did it, now’s your chance. He’s conducting an online workshop about how to set up an automated sales machine that generates autopilot income all year ‘round. If you’re interested, we can take you there.

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