Affiliate marketing is the easiest route to take when you want to start making money online. It requires no product for us to make and no support services to manage. We only need to send some traffic to the product, and then we can bank the cash! However, if you want to grow as a businessperson, it’s not the best strategy to make.


Not the Best Way

The only way an affiliate earns a commission, which is limited by the way, is if they can drive traffic to the site or the product they are promoting. It could either be through their blog, their share, or through any medium people find creative and appealing.

However, this is not beneficial for them in the long run as much as it will be for the products they endorse. Why? Because the traffic bank they generate solely goes to the product’s owner, leaving them with nothing in the end. No leads, no email list, no stable source of income. Just a small pittance in return.


The Best Way

The sad part about it all is that most would-be affiliates can’t reach the amount they expect they would. Worse, they quit before they can even have their first cent. If you think you’re experiencing it right now, ask yourself this question, “Am I not tired of this routine?”

If you are, discover how you can break this tradition and be a successful marketer. Affiliate marketing is a good way to make money online but if you want to be a top affiliate, you must start right.  Break the norm and have your own list first.


Do Product Creation

John Thornhill, a top affiliate and sales funnels expert, never failed to emphasize the importance of generating a customer list. The only way you can have this money-generating roster is to create your own product. As someone who is living the dream and sold millions of dollars worth of products, who better should we listen to, right?

He had been trying and testing his traffic methods for over 10 years and earned millions of dollars in the process. So, if you want to learn the secrets to tried-and-tested sustainable traffic methods, you can know more through his best-selling, “Simple Traffic Solutions,” which he will be giving away for FREE if you attend his workshop.


Yes, FREE!


Could there be anyone luckier than you right now? You would not only have a chance to attend a top affiliate’s workshop that will teach you how to create your automated sales machine but will also receive access to all the workshop recordings and BONUS training materials. All of these takeaways for free!

All you need to do is attend the workshop and everything you need to start your dream of becoming a top affiliate will be yours. Attend John Thornhill’s workshop and have a wonderful journey to the road of product creation now!

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